A PENNAR couple, whose wedding is taking place today, August 10, nearly had their dream day ruined when it was feared the bride’s dress wouldn’t turn up.

Sarah Welsh and her partner Shane Mazey were due to get hitched at Haverfordwest’s registry office on Friday afternoon, at 3.30pm.

While many weddings have last-minute hitches and pre-ceremony nerves, Sarah and Shane faced a worrying problem when her dress had not appeared.

Sarah quickly launched an online plea calling for help to make her special day complete.

Posting on Facebook on Friday morning, August 10, she wrote: “I'm getting married today at 3.30 and my dress hasn't come, I'm freaking right out; can anyone help?

“I'm a size 22 and just looking for a Navy or a pink dress to wear I have no money left; please can someone help me?”

The desperate post led to a raft of messages from well-wishers keen to help.

Fortunately, within an hour of making the desperate plea, the all-important dress turned up, letting the couple, who have been together 20 years, enjoy their day.

Mum-of-five Sarah, 40, said: “As I was walking through the door, they came through with my dress.

“I felt sick all day yesterday and this morning.

“At the moment I still haven’t got over the shock, but we haven’t got time to be nervous.”

Sarah, originally from Caerphilly, and Shane, from Blackwood, felt now was the time to tie the knot after spending so long together.

“I felt like we’ve both settled down, so why not do it. We’re only having a house party afterwards.

“We’ve scraped together, we’ve just about got everything; everything’s fine.”

Western Telegraph:

The family will have a double celebration this month, with further wedding bells chiming.

“After we booked our wedding, my daughter Amy Matthews, booked hers for the 25th.”

The Western Telegraph would like to wish the happy couple a great marriage.