NATIONAL Theatre Wales (NTW) will continue its 2018 season from this evening with a new piece of theatre inspired by and performed in Tenby.

Tide Whisperer, which runs from September 13-16, will lead audiences from the De Valence Pavillion, through the cobbled streets of Tenby and on to the beach.

Tide Whisperer is a series of stories based around the theme of refugees and migration.

Written by poet and playwright Louise Wallwein MBE, Tide Whisperer is an immersive experience which will tackle the global phenomenon of displacement and mass movement.

With countless numbers of migrants on the move from all over the world - what is it like to leave your home, and to live with the uncertainty of ever finding another?

On the shores of Tenby, people will gather.

The tide is turning fast and a storm is coming. The future feels uncertain – humanity is on the move and seeking refuge. Will we be met by kindness or rejection; offered sanctuary or forced to survive the perilous, treacherous sea?

Audiences from across the globe will get a chance to experience the production live through a new partnership between NTW and Cardiff based Tramshed Tech.

Tide Whisperer will be broadcasting as live from the shores of Tenby via NTW’s You Tube and Facebook channel on Saturday, September 15 at 7pm.

The production will also be broadcast live at Tramshed Tech in Cardiff, the b-side Festival in Dorset and at the Horniman Museum and Gardens in London.

Kully Thiarai, artistic director of National Theatre Wales, said: “The seaside town of Tenby, with its people, harbour, history and wonderful beaches and islands is the perfect setting for our next production.

“The landscape is both an inspiration and a background to a universal story of people searching for a place to call home. It will offer audiences a rich, poetic cultural experience on the streets and shores of Tenby that enables them to step into another’s shoes.

The production will also feature a number of local people from the community of Tenby.

National Theatre Wales’ Tide Whisperer forms part of Welsh Government’s Year of the Sea, a campaign created by Visit Wales to celebrate Wales’ outstanding coastline.

Tickets are £20 (£15 concessions). To book, call 029 2037 1689 or click here.