PASSENGERS on the Haverfordwest to Cardiff train were left stranded on the platform in Carmarthen after being told to use the station toilets.

An announcement over the loudspeaker on last Sunday’s (September 9) 7.20am train told passengers the toilets were out of order, but the train would wait for them at Carmarthen while they used the loos there.

But six people were left on the platform at Carmarthen, despite promises the service, which is run by Arriva Trains Wales, would wait for them.

One of the people, a 15-year-old girl, spoke to the Sun about what happened.

“We heard a whistle being blown and the train pulled out of the station,” she said.

“We managed to find an official who said he had not been told about the train waiting.”

The girl’s friends waited for her at the next stop in Ferryside, while other passengers who had left their bags on the train rang the train operator.

The service was then delayed at Swansea for the bags to be taken off for them.

Arriva Trains Wales services disrupted over coming days because of safety concerns Arriva Trains Wales services disrupted over coming days because of safety concerns

An Arriva Trains Wales service left passengers in Carmarthen who went to the toilet.

The group of passengers then caught the next Cardiff train, though some were disappointed with the confusion which had been caused.

The passenger said: “I did get to Cardiff but the day was ruined.

"The affair was disgraceful and thoroughly upsetting. In hindsight it was farcical.”

Another passenger said: “The toilets at Carmarthen are not the best.

"There are only two and they’re often locked.

"Normally you have to go searching for someone to get a key.

"It’s crazy none of the toilets on the train were working.

“There wasn’t even an explanation as to why.

"It was just the latest in a long list of problems on these trains.”

An Arriva Trains Wales spokesperson apologised for the inconvenience caused and said the train operator was investigating what had happened.

“We are carrying out a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding the event and our customer relations team have been speaking to passengers directly,” they said.