At nine o'clock on Saturday 15th September a small group of intrepid sailors, all members of the West Wales Maritime Heritage Society gathered on Hobbs Point to await the arrival of their new Tenby Lugger the Heritage. Before long she hove into view and drew alongside the pontoon and all embarked for a mornings sail. This was a new experience for all as she is a new boat only just launched and christened. Being a replica vessel her rigging and sail handling is totally different to any modern vessel. We put to sea heading up river towards Lawrenny and wrestled with the strange sails and got under way. The wind was not too strong but once we got all sails aloft she bowled along very quickly and safely. Her 19th century hull showed that she was ideally suited to Pembrokeshire's sea conditions and gave us all a very pleasant sail. All too soon we reached Benton Castle Reach and had to go about return to Hobbs Point. The dipping lug sail teased us a bit but eventually we sorted it out and sailed back. She is a very stable boat and when crossing big power boat washes she simply nodded gently without tossing us all about.