HAVERFORDWEST Library and Information Centre will close later this month as it prepares to move to a new location.

The current site, at the former Youth Club off Dew Street, will close its doors to the public for the final time at 1pm on Saturday October 13.

Work will then start to move the library to its new site at the Riverside in the heart of Haverfordwest.

The new Haverfordwest Library, Gallery and Information Centre is projected to open in mid-November, with an opening date to be confirmed.

In advance of the closure period, Haverfordwest Library customers may borrow a further six books, in addition to the normal allowance, from Monday 8 to Saturday October 13.

All items loaned from the current site will be given a longer loan period, so no overdue notices will be issued, and customers are welcome to return their items to any other library in Pembrokeshire during the closure period.

Information on the project to relocate Haverfordwest Library and Information Centre will be available from:

pembrokeshire.gov.uk/libraries-and-culture; on the Libraries Facebook page at www.facebook.com/PembrokeshireLibraryService; or call the library on 01437 775 244 (until Saturday October 13).