WITH HALLOWE’EN fast approaching, the young, and the not-so-young, are gearing up for a celebration of all things spooky and scary on October 31.

Ethan Kettle, of Lavinia Drive, is combining his love of Hallowe’en with a chance to raise money for SNAP, an additional needs playgroup.

His mum, Lisa Kettle, said they have a huge number of decorations ready to go up on the night, including a giant spider.

“If the weather is nice we will have lots of decorations outside,” She said.

“The garage door will be left open and we are going to do up the garage and fill it with it with decorations.”

At a similar event last year, the 15-year-old raised £120 for Pembrokeshire Special Needs Gymnastics Club.

This year the young lad wants to raise money for SNAP, another group which is important to him.

“It was Ethan’s idea to raise money,” Lisa said. “His brother was born with Down Syndrome and he wanted to do something for the club that his brother was a part of.

“Toby, his brother was a part of SNAP, I think this is his way of giving back to those who support Toby.”

Ms Kettle said Ethan has been putting on Hallowe’en displays for many years, and he was initially inspired by his grandparents who would dress up for the occasion.

“He talks about Hallowe’en as soon it is over - he’s talking about next year already,” she said.

“He even has a YouTube channel called grave raver, on that, if he goes to anywhere that sells Hallowe’en decorations he shows what’s on offer.”

Ms Kettle said that everyone is welcome to come and see the decorations but warned that parking may be limited.

The display will be on view from 5pm to 10pm on Lavinia Drive, Pembroke Dock, on October 31.