A POIGNANT display of poppies, each one commemorating one of The Fallen in the Monkton area, is taking place at Priory Church, Monkton.

Each of the 33 poppies represents one of the men and women of Monkton who fell in the First World War; the compilation of names taken from the war memorials in Pembroke and Monkton Church, and those known to family members.

The idea for the poppies display came after a short visit to Grassmere in the Lake District, where large poppies display each of The Fallen of that village.

As Monkton Church was planning its own commemoration, it was agreed that something similar should be done.

Unfortunately, the Royal British Legion was unable to supply poppies, due to the huge demand, so the volunteers made the plastic poppies themselves.

A chance remark in Pembroke’s Royal George Hotel led to a group of regulars getting together to fund and make the poppies.

Using research by David Rees and the late Owen Vaughan, the 33 names were identified.

Thanks go to David Powell, Paul Rogers, Pat Doyle, Colin Robinson, Roger Knight, and Malcolm Crossman for their hard work.