A PARTY has been organized to promote the return of a local festival that made its debut this year.

Organized by two local boys, Joseph Worley and Jack Lear, the event will take place on December 29 at HaverHub, the old post office on Quay Street in Haverfordwest.

Joe said: “the aim of the event is to raise awareness in the county of what the festival is all about, increasing exposure to the name and music we provide.”

“Funnily enough we had a really good response to the festival from people outside of Pembrokeshire, but not so much inside the county.”

With hopes to change this, Joe mentions that Jack and himself are “really positive” for the future of Westival and that local people will enjoy the festival.

The boys believe when people in Pembrokeshire come to these events it will truly “make an impression”, engaging locals with the underground disco, afro and techno music on offer, whilst supporting Welsh artists as well as known names from further afield.

Tickets for the Westival Warehouse Party can be bought online via their Facebook page: facebook.com/events/325252498029281

Westival 2019 will be taking place in July next year.