A “WEST Walian western” starring actors from Star Wars and Game of Throne actor has been filming in Pembrokeshire today (Wednesday, November 21).

Game of Thrones actor Iwan Rheon was spotted filming The Toll, a black comedy about a toll booth worker just outside of Milford Haven.

The Toll is written by Haverfordwest native, Matt Redd, and based on Ambition, a short film Mr Redd made earlier this year.

Western Telegraph:

The film stars Rogue One: A Star Wars story and Doctor Who actor Michael Smiley as the toll both worker, alongside Little Women actress Annes Elwy as a traffic cop.

Mr Redd who now lives in Cardiff said he felt lucky to be able to come back and make a film here alongside director Ryan Andrew Hooper.

“I’ve always wanted to make a film here. About five years ago I started writing this script which is a sort of “west Walian western.” I always felt that Pembrokeshire was a bit like the Wild West.”

“I’m really happy to be making my first film here in Pembrokeshire. I have always wanted to do this. We’ve been working on this for a long time.

Actor Ioan Hefin, who recently stared in Netflix horror film, The Apostle said: “Because it is such a relatively short shoot you quickly get a sense of team work.

“It has been absolutely fantastic, the biggest thing for me is when you get something of this scale you get a chance to create a sense of unity, it’s almost like a family.”

Western Telegraph:

Mr Hefin added he felt projects like this are part of a surge of diversity in films coming from Wales in recent years.

Mr Redd said that the film was being made on a small budget, it was thanks to people who cared about the project that it was getting made.

Western Telegraph:

“One of the things about [film making] is that even though it is a job, people do it because they are passionate about it as well.

“A lot of these people are here because they want to be here - either because of a personal connection or because of the script.

“I’m very lucky to have people who have worked on things like Star Wars and Mary Poppins.”

Filming is set to finish at the end of the month and they then hope take it to film festivals in middle of next year.