Working parents of three and four-year-olds in Pembrokeshire will soon be able to access free childcare via a Welsh Government scheme.

Pembrokeshire is to begin its role as “engaging authority” with the 30 hours childcare offer scheme in April, with Ceredigion County Council over seeing the scheme.

The pilot scheme is in place in a number of local authority areas currently.

The scheme will provide “quality, flexible and affordable childcare that supports economic regeneration,” said cabinet member for education Cllr David Lloyd at Monday’s cabinet meeting.

Eligible parents can access 30 hours early education and childcare per week for three to four-year-olds during term time and nine weeks out of holiday time.

Childcare facilities sign up to the scheme and parents will apply online to see if they qualify.

Cllr Paul Miller said he had received correspondence from some providers concerned about the impact on them and how they are being supported.

They called it a “good but seismic shock” to their small, voluntary run service.

All providers had been invited to meetings about the scheme said director for children and schools Kate Evans-Hughes and a suggestion that any interested parties be invited to meet with Cllr Lloyd was agreed.