A MAN decided to ignore the opening times and stayed well past closing at Pembroke Leisure centre as part of an “overnight challenge”.

John Brunton shared a series of videos of his escapades on social media, yesterday (Thursday, February 14) and since then it has gained over 300 comments and 265 shares.

In a Facebook post, Mr Brunton said that he was doing it for “the love of my life.”

Western Telegraph:

A council spokesman said the incident occurred last Friday (February 8) and the man was escorted from the premises by police and the duty manager.

The spokesman added: "The individual put his safety at risk by unlawfully accessing the facility outside opening hours

"The building had been locked in accordance with protocol and the facilities within secured.

"The intruder had intentionally secreted himself inside and then gained access to the pool area.

"Police are dealing with the incident."

In one video, Mr Brunton said that this may be “the first Pembrokeshire overnight challenge.”

After getting changed, Mr Brunton can be seen clambering over a locked gate and finding the keys to pull back the cover on the swimming pool.

In another of the videos, he responds to a friend who doesn’t believe that he is doing his challenge, before doing “a somersault with a half twist just for you”.

As he gets out of the pool after doing a somersault, he said: “The police are here, I’m about to get locked up. They’re upstairs, I’m getting locked up now, bye.”

In the final video, Mr Brunton can be seen talking to the police who escort him from the building.

Mr Brunton expressed concern that the police will “jump him”.

Dyfed-Powys Police told the Western Telegraph: "Police were called to Pembroke Leisure Centre at just past midnight on February 9 following a reporting a man in the changing room after hours.

"The man had been in the swimming pool, and had set the alarm off, alerting a member of staff.

"When spoken to, the man informed police he was homeless. He was escorted from the building by officers, who did not arrest or handcuff him, and was given suitable advice on arranging accommodation. This was declined."