A COMPANY planning to renovate Hubberston Fort has withdrawn from the project after removing itself from social media and defending itself from “attacks”.

Camp Valour (CV) had aimed to covert Hubberston Fort into a military-based residential camp for former servicemen and women, providing safe, secure accommodation to veterans, advice on benefits and housing, access to health services and employment skills, to ease their transition back into non-forces life.

Late last month the company posted a series of posts on their Facebook account, addressed criticisms that have lodged at them by various blogs, calling them “false allegations”.

The posts were then deleted after the company withdrew from social media, instead issuing information through the Save Hubberston Fort (SHF) Facebook page.

The Port of Milford Haven, who handed the use of the fort to CV confirmed the plans were no longer going ahead.

Clare Stowell, Director of Property and Tourism at the Port of Milford Haven said: “Our understanding, at this time, is that Camp Valour have decided not to go ahead with the project.”

A post on SHF said: "Camp Valour have sent us a message, Camp Valour have pulled out of the Hubberston Fort project they would like to apologise to everyone that supported it."

In February, the company caused confusion when they told a BBC reporter that they were going to withdraw from the project before changing their minds.

Camp Valour has been contacted for comment.