A staple of the Pembrokeshire food scene has been included in the top 80 food trucks from around the world, with a recipe for you to try at home.

Café Môr is instantly recognisable to anyone who has made a visit Freshwater West, serving local food from a converted boat.

Now people from around the world will be able to sample the Pembrokeshire cuisine as Around the World in 80 Food Trucks the latest book from Lonely Plant Food, serves up easy recipes from the best chefs on the road.

Lonely Planet Food has taken to the streets to source 80 fast, fresh and mouth-watering dishes from the most exciting culinary minds on four wheels.

"In the past 10 years, the culinary landscape of cities all over the world has been transformed by a new kind of street food purveyor: the gourmet food truck," writes Commissioning Editor, Christina Webb, in her introduction to the book.

"Food trucks first rolled onto the scene in the US around the time of the last global financial crisis," Christina says.

"It was an era when chefs were being laid off from traditional bricks-and-mortar restaurants, and, with no job but a lot of talent and ambition, decided to take matters into their own hands.

"Combined with a growing number of festivals and a trend for pop-up attractions, the market was ripe for entrepreneurial cooks to make their mark in nomadic kitchens."

In Around the World in 80 Food Trucks, some of the world's most creative food truck chefs share their recipes so you can make them at home.

The dishes cover everything from classics and family recipes to fusion concoctions inspired by travel experiences.

The book also introduces the chefs responsible, who share the stories behind their passion projects, as well as their social media handles so hungry fans can always find out where they're parked.