THE MYSTERY of Broad Haven’s famous UFO sighting will be put under the spotlight as a duo of investigators visit Pembrokeshire for a new comedy TV series.

Comedian Mike Bubbins (Tourist Trap) and rapper John Rutledge (Goldie Looking Chain’s Eggsy) have teamed up in search of Wales’ most bizarre stories for BBC Wales’ The Unexplainers.

In the programme on Monday, April 1, the pair will visit Broad Haven Primary School where one of the UK's best know UFO sightings took place in 1977.

“The Broad Haven incident was without a doubt one of the most exciting cases we have studied so far,” said John.

“Mike was not so convinced, but as soon as we set foot on the school yard, I could feel the massive amounts of residual energy and had a massive awakening deep within my third eye,” he added.

The Broad Haven Triangle was reported on widely at the time, with several extra-terrestrial sightings in the area during 1977.

On February 4, 1977, a yellow, cigar-shaped UFO was supposed to have landed in a field next to the village’s primary school.

Fourteen children reported seeing the craft while playing football and were later asked to draw it by the headmaster.

They all drew an uncannily similar picture of the yellow spaceship.

The same craft was reportedly seen by teacher and dinner ladies later the same month, with some saying they saw a creature make its way on board.

In April of the same year, the owner of the Haven Fort Hotel, Little Haven, claimed to have seen an upside-down saucer and two humanoid creatures in a field.

“I can’t officially talk about the results of the episode until it goes to air in the near future but rest assured the good people of Broad Haven will receive a definite type of answer regarding the UFO question when they tune into The Unexplainers,” said John.

The Unexplainers will be broadcast on BBC Two Wales at 10pm, Monday, April 1.