A LAWRENNY motorcyclist is appealing for help in returning some of his bikes taken, following a spate of thefts in the area.

Posting on Facebook this morning, April 22, Patrick Elliot, of Cresswell Barn Farm, wrote: “Some lowlife has been to our farm last night and stole three of our Honda motorbikes. If anyone sees anything, please let me know on here or call me on 07778588405. The bikes are a Honda CRF 450 RX, a Honda XR 400, and a Honda CRF 250.”

One of the bikes has since been found abandoned in the area, and, on monday, April 22, a second bike was found part-dismantled.

Western Telegraph:

Patrick said: "We have found two now. The other bike was found near Sageston yesterday afternoon. All dismantled ready to be sent up country in a car which was parked next to the hedge.

"Still waiting on news on the XR 400."

This was not the only vehicle theft in the area.

On Friday, April 19, Patrick’s cousin, Laura Elliott, had her Honda 250cc quad bike stolen.

Posting on Facebook on April 20, Laura wrote: “Some lowlifes stole our quad from our shed in the middle of night. It’s a Honda 250 with number plate CU18 DDK, if anyone sees anything. Note to other farmers and locals, keep everything locked up, and stay vigilant.”

The quad was later found abandoned.