A PEER of the realm has visited a Pembrokeshire school to congratulate its pupils on getting involved in a political campaign to give new rights to service animals.

Redhill Preparatory School on the St Davids Road outside Haverfordwest has been holding a politics month, hot on the heels of its campaign to support Finn’s Law, a new law which gives service animals greater protection.

On Friday, May 17, Liberal Democrat peer Michael German OBE visited the school to mark the end of the month of politics in the classroom.

Lords usually only visit secondary schools, but an exception was made because of the pupils’ hard work on the campaign for Finn’s Law.

Lord German said it was vital for children to learn about politics from a young age.

“We expect our children to come out of school and start voting but if you don’t understand how and what politics does then you cannot really contribute to society properly,” said Lord German.

Vicky Brown, deputy head at the school who started the campaign for Finn’s Law at the school, said the success of the new law had been the highlight of her teaching career.

She encouraged other schools to get involved with the schools parliamentary programme, where teachers are trained to give lessons in UK politics.

As part of politics month, Stephen Crabb MP welcomed pupils from the school to Westminster.

The pupils were also introduced to Police Dog Finn, the focus of their campaign, and his handler PC Wardell.

Finn’s Law was approved last month, meaning causing unnecessary suffering to a service dog or horse is now a criminal offence in England and Wales.

Following the meeting, Stephen Crabb MP said: “It was hugely enjoyable and inspiring to be able to welcome the pupils to Westminster and to introduce them to Finn and PC Wardell, especially has their hard work has led to a change in the law.”