A PLAQUE to commemorate the roles of men and women of African and Caribbean heritage involved the D-Day landings will be unveiled tomorrow (Thursday, June 6).

The blue plaque will be installed at RAF Carew Cheriton, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings.

More than 30,000 African American service personnel were based in Wales during the second world war leading up to D-Day, including at Pembroke.

The CEO of the Nubian Jak group, who are sponsoring the plaque, Dr Jak Beula, put the lack of representation for soldiers of African heritage being due to the US army being separated along the lines of race at that time.

Dr Beula said: “It is a great honour to be involved in installing the first diverse Blue Plaque in Wales.

“There could not be a more important date to remember the African American WWII service personnel who resided in South Wales during WWII, than on the 75th anniversary of D Day to commemorate the bravery they displayed on June 6, 1944”.

One group of African American servicemen based in Pembrokeshire were an aircrew, who arrived in the spring of 1944.

Among them were air and balloon pilots, and non-combat personnel like engineers, supply and transport staff.

Chief Executive of Race Council Cymru, Mrs Uzo Iwobi OBE, said: “Race Council Cymru is delighted that the contributions of African American, African and Caribbean servicemen and women are going to be acknowledged and marked with a historic D-Day Plaque.

“This is long overdue and will go a long way to honour and recognise these significant and life-changing contributions which ought to be better acknowledged.

This is an exciting time for our black history communities across Wales.”

The D Day Plaque will be installed on a War Bunker/Air Raid Shelter which is part of RAF Carew Cheriton Museum.

Mayor of Pembroke Dock, Councillor Gordon Goff, said he was proud to have been invited to the unveiling of the plaque.

"We at Pembroke Dock Town Council would like to thank the service personnel for their contribution whilst being based in Pembrokeshire and would like to thank the sponsors for supporting and arranging the ceremony,” he said.