THE Royal Family’s finances for the last year have been published and show that costs went up by over 40 per cent for 2018/19, compared to the previous 12 months.

The Sovereign Grant for the 2018-19 financial year, funded by the taxpayer, was a staggering £82.2 million.

This unmerited overindulgence subsidy comes at a time when here in Wales councils are struggling to provide sufficient service for our sick, elderly and homeless because of a lack of funding, due to financial cut-backs, from the UK Government.

However, mysteriously, the government can find a ridiculous amount of money for funding an elitist family.

For those loyalists who claim that the royal family generates more money through tourism for the treasury then what it gets in benefits is simply a myth.

It has been estimated that Chester Zoo generates more yearly visitors than Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace combined.

I ask myself if citizens from any other democratic civilized nation would put up with this kind of undemocratic extravagant funding for an outdated philosophy, I very much doubt it.

The sooner we gain independence for Wales and rid ourselves of this obsolete royalist glorying nonsense the better.