I HAVE been reading with interest the letters outlining the various opinions on the causes of climate change, and what our responses to it should be.

Initially the threat was perceived as a coming ice age.

This became global warming, and is now referred to as ‘climate change’.

The responses from governments have been to propose various draconian measures including massive global taxation.

I would like to draw readers attention to another factor, largely ignored, which is impacting our climate - geo-engineering.

There are many recognised activities being used ostensibly to ‘fight’ climate change, notably cloud seeding, chemical spraying and ionispheric heaters.

These activities are actually affecting the global climate and are causing negative changes, but are not being taken into consideration in the computer models used to monitor climate change activity.

If there is to be a proper, informed debate on this subject, the public deserves to be fully educated on these activities, and their effects on our weather.


St Davids