HAVING read the latest contribution from Eleanor Clegg, Pembrokeshire Friends of the Earth, (Western Telegraph letters, July 16) to the climate change debate, it would seem that she truly has missed her vocation to that of a TV comedy scriptwriter.

I cannot help but think of such marvellous TV shows as Dad’s Army!

Eleanor has now pushed the ‘panic button’ (don’t panic as Lance Cpl Jones would have cried) warning us of all manner of imminent evils!

The nation must now be put on a war footing erecting mindless wind generators everywhere – no more our irreplaceable national parks or indeed acres and acres of beautiful Welsh countryside.

Never mind the slaughter of thousands of wild birds and bats by generator blades, as all must be sacrificed to the Clegg Wind God.

Listen carefully and you may hear Private Frazer whispering in the wind, “We are doomed, doomed!”

But then, is that Warden Hodge’s voice telling us to put that light out?

Although with wind farms everywhere there will be no need to switch the lights off when the wind fails. It is interesting to read, at long last, Eleanor Clegg actually admitting wind farms have an impact on the countryside, but then she states it is a price we have to pay to save the planet – which, of course, is utter rubbish as the UK contributes to less than two per cent of global emissions – so she desperately needs to preach elsewhere.

Back in the ‘real’ world, land and air transportation pollutes the atmosphere – plastic and other waste are polluting rivers and the oceans - the Brazilians are destroying acres and acres of Amazonian rain forest (the lungs of the world) every day – yes, unbelievably acres every day and recent satellite images are alarming!

Whilst the Chinese are building numerous dirty coal-fired power stations and the ‘engineering efficient’ Germans are forsaking wind generation to that of coal-fired power stations.

Perhaps it would be a kindness if someone could organise a collection to enable Eleanor to visit the Amazon, to protest and preach in front of a Brazilian tree destroying bulldozer – I would certainly donate.