A NARBERTH man has been jailed for 10 years for a “cowardly , unprovoked” attack, which left a pub-goer with a disfiguring scar after a bottle was smashed across his face.

Angelo Edwards, of Garfield Gardens, was sentenced at Swansea Crown Court on Friday, July 19, after admitting wounding.

The court heard Edwards went out on December 21 of last year with his brother Mario, to the Dragon pub in Narberth.

While there, Mario had a minor argument with another man, Ben Murphy.

Mr Murphy thought nothing of it, leaving to go to another pub, the nearby Farmers Inn, and while there, stepped outside with his friend.

Suddenly, he felt a very hard blow to the side of his face.

Angelo Edwards had followed him and smashed a bottle across Mr Murphy's face, before running away, the court heard.

Prosecuting, Sian Cutter said the blow caused a 2.5cm laceration to his chin which required eight stitches, and also an injury to his ear which needed another stitch.

Edwards, 34, appeared at Swansea Crown Court via prison video-link for sentencing, having previously admitting a count of wounding.

The court heard there were eight violent offences on his record between 2007 and 2018, one of which included another previous incident of glassing a man around the face and then running away.

A victim impact statement was read out on behalf of Mr Murphy.

It stated the attack had left him with a scar on his chin, and a continuous ringing in his ear.

He has been left with anxiety, in particular while out in public places, and described the incident as "unprovoked and mindless", adding he felt "disgusted" at Edwards' actions.

Defending, John Tarrant said: "In terms of his personal circumstances, he offends when he is drunk. Every single one of those offences has been whilst he has been drunk, which shows it is obviously a problem.

"If you removed alcohol addiction he would not be in the realms of dangerousness.

"Since he has been in custody he has become a cleaner, has access to various parts of prison others wouldn't have and has become a mentor. When sober he is reliable and can be trusted. It's only when in alcohol things become different."

Sentencing, Judge Paul Thomas said: "Around Christmas time last year you got involved in a squabble involving your brother.

"There was nothing to that squabble, but you decided you were going to take it further. You decided to follow the person involved in this minor incident and did so with the aim of attacking him.

"What you then carried out was a cowardly, unprovoked, calculated and premeditated blow to the side of his face, not with a first, but a bottle.

"He did not see it coming and you then ran away.

"He has been left with a scar from eight stitches which you inflicted upon him which caused injury to his ear and left him with a disfiguring scar.

"When he goes out in public now he is anxious.

"What makes your position worse is your worrying criminal record, especially when in drink.

"You are a man who is wholly unpredictable in drink and have a violent and uncontrolled temper when in drink. Your offences seem not the be declining in age, but escalating in seriousness."

Edwards was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, six of those which will be a custodial term. He must serve two thirds of that before he is eligible for release.