POSTAL workers in Haverfordwest walked out of work yesterday, following a dispute with a manager.

The walkout took place yesterday morning, Tuesday, July 30, with Royal Mail workers in their uniforms and orange hi-visibility vests stood outside the gates of the Haverfordwest delivery office in Merlins Bridge.

A spokesman for the Communication Workers Union, whose members took part, said the walkout was the result of a dispute between a member of staff and a manager.

The spokesman said they were unable to comment further and the dispute was being resolved privately.

Dave Ward, general secretary of the Communications Workers Union tweeted about the walkout.

"Haverfordwest DO [Delivery Office] members have walked out in support of a colleague over allegations of bullying from a manager."

He asked his followers to send union members in Haverfordwest solidarity.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “Colleagues at Haverfordwest Delivery Office held a short meeting to discuss local issues. There was no disruption to services for customers in the area.”