IN a recent letter to the Western Telegraph, Eleanor Clegg, (FoE), finally admitted wind farms and solar parks do/will have a negative impact on our beautiful countryside and attempted a justification by stating it will be a price we will all have to pay for saving the planet - really!

Not surprisingly there is no admission by Eleanor to the unforgivable slaughter of numerous wild birds and bats by wind generator blades – do our aerial friends also have to pay the price?

I wonder if Eleanor fully appreciates that if the National Grid were to be totally dependent on wind and solar energy, there will be many times when we will suffer blackouts due to the simple fact that the wind does not always blow, and the sun does not always shine, as anyone with a basic knowledge of weather systems and climate will tell her.

Therefore are we to assume the frequent and guaranteed blackouts from a purely UK wind and solar grid system, are another price we will all have to pay?

If so, she will not be very popular with many folk on a cold winter’s evening, when the lights and heating fail – but then, one could always keep a flask standing by for a much needed hot drink before retiring early to bed!

Perhaps she is privy to some form of back-up generation such as diesel generators, and the possible use of ‘fairy lights’?

Thus I wonder if Eleanor would be good enough to fully share ALL her knowledge regarding her ‘climate change electricity generating system’- if not, perhaps Christopher Jessop, Marloes, of ‘the climate change a 'debate is over’ religion, could possibly enlighten us?

Although the UK blackouts on Friday, August 8, should be a real and timely warning of what is awaiting us all!

Unless the Government takes immediate action regarding the security and reliability of the Grid coupled with the cessation of the utter madness of large-scale wind and solar generation in the UK, many more blackouts are guaranteed.