ELEANOR Clegg (FoE) is obviously very concerned and worried about the state of the planet as are the rest of us, but on matters relating to UK energy policy, it is patently clear from her letters, and with respect, that she is no engineer, or to be more specific, a power engineer.

It is unfortunate this lack of experience and knowledge leaves her vulnerable and prey to unscrupulous people and misleading Government propaganda, encouraging her to support such madness as large-scale wind and solar generation in the UK – indeed her intentions appear to be good, but woefully misplaced.

Hopefully the catastrophic events due to the ‘predictable’ power blackouts on Friday, August 8, will open her mind to reality and encourage Eleanor to a much more sensible reassessment of UK energy policy.

To assist in this, I would modestly suggest Eleanor (and her colleagues) read a paperback I have written titled, 21st Century Electricity, (ISBN 978-1-78507-390-8).

The book can be obtained on-line from Amazon (5-star ratings) and The Book Depository; it can also be bought on demand from WH Smiths, or be ordered directly from the publishers at newgeneration-publishing.com and the cost of the paperback is just £7.99.

The book has a Foreword by David Bellamy OBE (of TV fame) and offers a wealth of information with chapters on such matters as a brief history of electricity, wind technology, weather and climate, energy alternatives, hydro, etc.

There is much of interest and I am sure Mr Jessop, Marloes, will find the section on saving energy in the home of value.

The book demonstrates that roof mounted solar panels have merit as opposed to the nonsense of large solar arrays in Britain – remember a household always has back-up from mains electricity when the sun does not shine - a correctly mounted 4 kW roof array can, on average, generate 4,000 kWh (units) per annum.

As a rule of thumb, 1 kW of panels correctly fitted on a roof in Wales, should return 1,000 kWh (units) per annum - there is detailed information and tables of generation data, from two sites in west Wales, to qualify and justify the claims.

There is also detail of an air-to-air heat pump, which on a hot summers day acts as an air conditioner, running for no cost due to energy from roof fitted solar panels – in the winter months it provides heat to warm the house, with little use of mains electricity, dependent upon cloud cover – the book shows how to get the most from a solar array and will be a great revelation to many readers who seek the truth and wish to save on energy usage.