TWO Haverfordwest councillors are holding an evening to explain what Pembrokeshire County Council’s new three-weekly bin collection will mean for residents of the town.

Councillor Thomas Tudor of the Castle Ward, and Cllr Alison Tudor of Prendergast ward will hold a combined advice evening for residents on Friday, August 23, at the Picton Centre from 5pm until 7pm.

The advice evening will give residents a chance to find out more about the plans to change Pembrokeshire’s rubbish and recycling system, including the changes to a three-weekly bin collection across most of the county.

“This is a new, complex process and this is an excellent opportunity for people to come speak to the officer involved in the changes to the refuse service and find out the various aspects involved,” said Cllr Thomas Tudor.

The evening will give residents the chance to find out about:

  • Which houses will remain on the weekly or fortnightly bin collection schedule
  • The availability of assisted collections
  • Sorting waste at the kerbside
  • How absorbent hygiene products will be collected
  • Text alerts for collection days
  • Additional recyclable household items

There will also be a chance to see one of the new recycling vans which the council will be using.

“This new initiative is an excellent opportunity to learn how Pembrokeshire can become more eco-friendly. There will be stations at the event to show how the new system will work,” said Cllr Alison Tudor.

The plans for three-weekly bin collections were agreed by Pembrokeshire County Council’s cabinet in March 2018, and are due to come into effect this autumn.

While bin collections will move to a three-weekly schedule, recycling collections will take place every week, as new items will be recyclable.

Items which can be recycled include a greater range of plastic as well as paper, cardboard, glass, cans, and food.

Some houses will remain on weekly or fortnightly bin collections because they are in densely populated areas.