A PROTEST against Boris Johnson's government and its actions to suspend parliament this September is being held on Monday (September 2).

The protest organised by the Pembrokeshire People's Assembly will take place at 7pm on Monday, following another demonstration which took place on Saturday, August 31.

The People's Assembly gave the following statement as their reason for organising the protest: "A hard-right Tory clique led by Boris Johnson has suspended parliament to attempt to force through a no deal Brexit. The unelected Prime Minister Johnson doesn’t care whether you voted leave or remain.

"He wants to heap yet more misery on ordinary people through raising the pension age, introducing more ‘reforms’ to sell off our NHS, bringing back unnecessary draconian punishments in schools, swinging cuts to social care for old and vulnerable people and continuing the racist policy of a ‘hostile environment’ for migrants and refugees fleeing war.

"At the same time Johnson and his establishment elite continue to line their own pockets by introducing further tax cuts for the rich. Johnson is dressing up his ‘coup’ as ‘the people against parliament’. We are determined that this becomes ‘the people against Johnson – the many against the few’. We demand that he calls a general election so that we can kick his rotten government out.

"Whether you voted leave or remain, assemble on Castle Square at 7pm on Monday to tell Johnson and Stephen Crabb that we want them out. Bring your placards and banners and make some noise!"