Pembrokeshire protesters angry at Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament have joined action across the UK today (Saturday).

About 100 protesters gathered in Castle Square, Haverfordwest protesting against what they claim is the Prime Minister trying to force through a no deal Brexit.

They held placards calling the move a 'coup'.

Similar protests were held in Edinburgh, Belfast, Cambridge, Exeter, Nottingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham among others.

Organiser Alistair Cameron of Pembrokeshire for Europe said the turnout for the demonstration was good considering it had been organised at such short notice.

"This protest is about democracy. We are proud of our democracy and people have given their lives for it," he said.

"Parliament has never been suspended for as long as five weeks since the second world war.

"Whether you support Brexit or wish to remain you cannot deny this critical decision, which will affect all of us now and in the future, needs to have proper discussion by our elected representatives in parliament."

But local Conservative MPs Simon Hart and Stephen Crabb said the PM is well within his right to suspend Parliament ahead of a Queen's Spech.

Mr Crabb, MP for Preseli Pembrokeshire, said: "I don’t have a lot of time for all this huffing and puffing and false outrage over the decision to extend Parliament’s annual party conference break by four days.

“We have a new Prime Minister and new Government and they have every right to start a new term in Parliament in the traditional way."

Mr Hart added: "“Parliament has not sat in late September for over 80 years, so not sitting this autumn is nothing new, outrageous, conspiratorial or without precedent. This announcement reduces the number of ‘sitting days’ this year by only four.

“There remains at least four weeks of ‘sitting time’ between now and October 31 for MPs to debate Brexit, raise concerns and make alternative proposals and to seek a majority. Last time opponents of Brexit sought to take over proceedings they were able to achieve the whole process in just a single day.

“It is perfectly in order for a new PM to hold a Queens Speech and put forward a programme for Government – indeed we have been criticised for not doing this given the last Queens Speech was in 2017 making this one of the longest Parliamentary sessions in history."