A WELL-KNOWN member of the Solva boating community died after a cliff fall, an inquest heard.

Alan Price Roach, aged 81, of 15 Panteg Road, was found at the bottom of a cliff on the coast path on June 3.

At the September 19 inquest held at County Hall, Coroners Officer for Dyfed-Powys Police Jeremy Davies said Swansea-born Mr Roach had often holidayed in the area with his wife Molly, the couple later retiring to Solva.

Mr Roach, who had previously worked making metals for Rolls Royce, later became a teacher in the midlands and Herefordshire, retiring to Solva, occasionally still teaching.

The inquest heard Mr Roach had a great love of the sea, building a four-berth sailing boat and becoming a member of Solva boat owners association, later serving as chairman.

He was fit and healthy, with no issues other than developing type 2 diabetes and suffering a mini-stroke in 2015.

In 2018, Mrs Roach noticed a change in her husband, who was suffering the effects of age and becoming depressed.

He was later diagnosed with depression, and prescribed medication which made him unwell; a change in prescription making him feel sleepy.

During Christmas 2018, Mr Roach became concerned about a loss of weight, and was becoming unsteady on his feet, occasionally losing balance.

On June 3, Mr Roach and his wife went for a walk on the coastal path; Mrs Roach was “not very good with heights,” while Mr Roach enjoyed walking on the edge of cliffs.

Mr Roach was struggling with the walk, the couple returning home, the inquest heard.

Mrs Roach later left the home, at 12.45pm, returning later that day to find Mr Roach was not there.

At 4pm that day the coastguard and police received a call from walkers to say a man had fallen to the bottom of cliffs in the area.

Mr Roach was found at the bottom of the cliffs, and his body was recovered by emergency services.

He was officially declared to have passed away at 4.40pm that day.

A post-mortem report by Dr Petya Nadiva stated Mr Roach died after sustaining multiple traumatic injuries following the fall.

Reaching a conclusion of an accidental death, HM Coroner for Pembrokeshire Mark Layton said: “Alan Price Roach was walking the coastal path, when, for some reason, he’s lost his footing causing him to fall and sustain a fatal injury.

“His health was in decline and he had mobility issues, which may have led to his death.”