Registration has opened online for larger families who want to request extra residual waste bags as part of Pembrokeshire’s new waste and recycling scheme (families of six people and over).

Details of how to register can be found at

Households with six or seven people will be able to put out one extra green bag every three weeks.

Households with eight or nine people will be able to put out two extra green bags every three weeks.

The scheme, launching on Monday November 4, will enable householders to put out more items for recycling for kerbside than they can at the moment.

New recycling boxes and bags have been delivered to the majority of the 64,000 households in the County, comprising:

• blue boxes for paper

• blue re-usable bags for card and cardboard

• red re-usable bags for plastic (pots, tubs, bottles and trays), cartons and metal packaging (cans, tins and foil trays)

Households are to continue using their green food waste caddies and green boxes for glass.

Grey refuse bags are also being delivered to replace the traditional black refuse sacks.

Three grey bags will be collected once every three weeks.

As the launch date nears, the public are being urged to read their leaflet or view the Council’s website at if they have questions relating to the new arrangements.

Information leaflets with full details on the scheme have been delivered to most households, plus kerbside collection calendars personalised to each area.

The Council’s website has the following information available at:

• FAQ (frequently asked questions)

• a more detailed guide to what can and can’t be recycled

• which areas have and haven’t received their new recycling containers yet

• details on the AHP (absorbent hygiene products) collections

• an application form to apply for larger household collections

• kerbside roadshow events

• a video about the new scheme and showing which items go in each container

• a downloadable pdf of the information leaflet sent to all households

Residents who sign up to the free ‘My Account’ service on the Council’s website can also opt to receive personalised kerbside collection emails or text reminders.

• All containers are due to be delivered by the end of 27th October. If you haven’t received yours by then, please email