Kianna Patton’s friends shared laughter and tears as they bade farewell to the 16-year-old at a vigil last night.

Kianna’s body was discovered in a derelict building in Pembroke Dock last Thursday (October 24), after going missing the previous day.

Around 30 of Kianna’s friends gathered on the Rath in Milford Haven yesterday (Thursday, October 31), launching balloons into the night sky, each bearing a photo or message for Kianna.

Western Telegraph:

Her friends swapped stories, saying she could be the class clown, even when she was trying to be serious.

“If you walked into a room, and she was there, she would always make you smile,” said one. “She was the funniest person going.”

Western Telegraph:

Alison Giles, who Kianna had been living with in Pembroke Dock for the last few months, said: “She was selfless, she was loved by a lot of people.

“You can see that not just from today, but from last Friday with everyone laying flowers, even in the pouring rain. That’s the sort of thing Kianna would have done as well.”

But Ms Giles admitted Kianna had issues that she was trying to work through.

Western Telegraph:

“She was trying to work through them, she wanted to get better, but she didn’t get what she needed.

“She needed the help now, not in six months time.”

Emma Howard, one of Kianna’s closest friends said: “She could be the happiest person going, she could be nice to everyone, she was bubbly, and everyone would laugh.

“She was the class clown - she was so funny.”

Western Telegraph:

Another added: “She would make me laugh on the daily. She would speak to anyone.

“She would try to be serious, and she was still funny.

“She was really sociable. She kept a small group of friends, but she didn’t care who you were, she would be there for you.”

Emma added: “You’d regret it if you got on her bad side, she would rip you if you did. She could be upfront, she said it how it was, but at the same time she was really caring.”