Just over 600 residents of Pembroke's Hundleton ward came out to vote for their new Pembrokeshire County Councillor on Thursday (November 7).

Independent candidate Stephen (Steve) Alderman won the vote with 220 people casting their support in a fight for a seat left vacant following the death of Margot Bateman.

Margot's husband Brian Bateman was proposer for Mr Alderman, whose standing was seconded by former long-standing county councillor John Allen-Mirehouse.

There were 13 candidates -including former county councillors - one of whom, Jonathan Nutting, received only one vote.

Another former councillor Daphne Bush received 58 votes.

Other independent candidates were Tony Stenson, with 37 votes, Nicky Hancock, 46 votes, David Edwards, 35 votes and Barry Grange with 25.

The Liberal Democrat candidate was Shirley Hammond-Williams, and Jacob Taylor for the Conservative party.

Mr Taylor received 128 votes while Shirley Hammond-Williams got 57 votes.

A total of 607 votes were cast in an electorate of 1370, representing a 44 per cent turn out.