Dog owners across Pembrokeshire will have the chance to let their beloved pooches shine next year when a special canine awards day comes to the county.

The 4PawsDogAwards is due to take place at Wolfcastle Hotel on Sunday, July 5.

The awards will be a chance to celebrate all things doggy, with 12 categories ranging from best of breed to most talented dog, and a special award for dog of the year.

The awards also honour dog-friendly businesses and attractions as well as the best dog walks in the county.

Mary Burgess, founder of the 4PawsDogAwards, said: “I’m thrilled to be able to bring the 4PawsDogAwards awards part of the Pet Connect UK Limited family to Pembrokeshire in July 2020.

“Having successfully founded the Animal Star Awards back in 2016 and with two award ceremonies having already taken place, I realised that there was an opening for dog awards giving recognition to dog businesses and dog owners and that’s when I formed the 4PawsDogAwards.

“I’m excited about working with the team at Wolfscastle Hotel we couldn’t have a more aptly named venue for our first awards in the area and the feedback that I’ve had so far has been that people are really looking forward to this event.”

Mary is encouraging dog owners across Pembrokeshire to enter their pets and nominate the businesses that recognise the importance of our four-legged friends.

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