INTERESTING advice from PCC.

If we produce more than our allocation and can’t get extra rubbish to the tip.

Reply: "If they are unable to get their extra waste to a waste and recycling centre, there are plenty of waste carriers that can be contacted to do it for you". We pay council tax for this service. It is wrong to be advised to pay again. Most who can’t get to the tip are elderly or disabled and not able to afford to pay again on top of their council tax. We’re also supposed to be reducing carbon emissions and less reliant on cars.

If sacks are put at the kerbside or taken to the tip, don’t they still go to landfill?

Reply: “All black sack waste whether taken to a waste and recycling centre or collected at the kerb side is taken to Cardiff where it is incinerated to produce electricity, and the ashes are dealt with in a suitable way. The only things that aren't incinerated is bulk waste".

Is this true? If so, why was our recycling scheme changed?

Pet waste.

Reply: "The removal of pet waste is not a priority because having pets is classed as a lifestyle choice".

Having children, for most, is also a lifestyle choice. PCC are happy to take their dirty nappies. Faecal matter is faecal matter no matter if it’s from a small human or a pet.

“The new recycling scheme being implemented has already been implemented in 13 other local authorities in Wales and they have seen a large increase in the amount being recycled”.

However, unlike Pembrokeshire’s orange sack scheme, many did not have adequate recycling schemes already in place. You can’t compare.

The blue and red plastic bags, boxes and sacks provided under the new sacks are not biodegradable or recyclable and are plastic.

The irony!