PEMBROKESHIRE Green Party has announced it will not be placing candidates in the two Pembrokeshire constituencies at next month's General Election - with the hope of boosting the Labour Party.

At an emergency meeting held by Pembrokeshire Green Party on Monday November 11, it was agreed unanimously that the Local Party would stand down its General Election Candidates in both Preseli Pembrokeshire and back Labour in a bid to oust the unseat Conservative candidates Stephen Crabb and Simon Hart. Both Mr Crabb and Mr Hart won their respective seats in 2017.

The Pembrokeshire Green Party said local groups within the Green Party have autonomy and that Pembrokeshire Green Party were never part of any alliance with the Lib Dems or Plaid locally.

A spokesman for Pembrokeshire Green Party, said: "We have reached an incredibly dangerous moment within the British political landscape. Ten years of Tory austerity has caused 120,000 deaths in our communities, our public services are on the brink of collapse due to gross underfunding by the Tories. People are suffering on a massive scale due to ideologically motivated Tory cuts to the very fabric of our society. The Climate Emergency is the most pressing issue that humanity has ever encountered, we are facing human extinction and ecological catastrophe if we do not act and act now!

"Here in Pembrokeshire the only candidates who can beat Crabb and Hart are the Labour Party candidates. This is why we have unanimously decided to stand down our Green Candidates Frances Bryant and Berry Daines were selected by the Local Party earlier this year. We will instead be actively supporting both the Labour Party campaigns in Pembrokeshire with the aim of unseating Crabb and Hart.

"We strongly urge supporters of other smaller Parties to do the same. It is only Labour who can win in Pembrokeshire so in reality any vote for the other parties is a vote for the Tories. It is absolutely vital that Boris Johnson's hard right Tories do not regain power and begin their planned 'carve up' of Britain. Instead, under a Corbyn led Government, a Green new deal would offer amazing potential for secure and well paid green jobs in Wales and at the same time be a significant step in the right direction to addressing the impending climate disaster.

Marc Tierney the Labour Party Candidate for Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshire said: "The local Green Party locally have shown that by working together we have the best chance of delivering real change for our communities. 10 years of Tory austerity have hurt, local MPs have repeatedly voted to make local people worse off while the rich get richer.

I am proud our manifesto will include a commitment to dealing with climate emergency and I hope Green party supporters and others will back Labour as the only Party here who can defeat the Tories. "

Philippa Thompson. Labour Party Candidate for Preseli Pembrokeshire said; "This election gives us the opportunity to rebuild and transform our country so that it works better for everyone. Every vote counts. I came within just a few hundred votes of winning last time and it's so heartening that the Green Party are prepared to stand aside for Pembrokeshire to have a real chance of change."

Stephen Crabb and Simon Hart have been asked to comment.

The General Election takes place on December 12.

All candidates in both seats have now been confirmed.

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