YSGOL Croesgoch pupils have designed and created two pieces of eye-catching artwork, as part of a project exploring their sense of place.

The project began in the summer term last year when pupils embarked on a project to find out what the community of Croesgoch meant to them.

They then worked with local potter and parent, Jennifer Hall, to express this which they thoroughly enjoyed.

With an appetite for artistic expression ignited the school then invited a local artist, Helen Elliott, to help develop a whole-school painting in the school hall.

The first workshop focussed on painting skills. This was followed by five more sessions where pupils were able to capture their identity and sense of belonging in paint.

"It was such a humbling experience, to observe all pupils engaging in the activity and being able to express their views so confidently," said headteacher Kate Moore.

"The project allowed learners meaningful experiences through which they were able to gain an understanding and an appreciation of the diverse community in their local area.

"Pupils learnt about their own culture and society as well as those of other people."

Mrs Moore added that the expressive arts experience had resulted in learners becoming physically, socially and emotionally engaged, and as a result their well-being, self-esteem and resilience was nurtured.

"This in turn enhanced their self-confidence," she said. "It also allowed them to foster creativity and critical thinking skills which enabled their capacity to question, make connections, innovate, solve problems, communicate, collaborate and reflect critically."

Yesterday, Tuesday November 19, Helen Elliott and Jennifer Hall were present at Ysgol Croesgoch's Christmas Fair where they were presented with a gift from the head girl and head boy to show their appreciation.

"I, and all at the school, would like to express our thanks to the community and in particular Helen Elliott and Jennifer Hall," added Mrs Moore.