FANCY a chance to declutter your home and take home something ‘new’ for free? Well, you can have it all at a special event in Haverfordwest next month.

Haverfordwest Community Fridge will be holding a toy swap event on Wednesday, December 4, at The Green Shed in Merlin’s Bridge.

Donate all your children’s unwanted toys, games, puzzles, books and fancy dress that you no longer need, use or want between 10.30am and 4pm.

The event cannot accept broken or dirty items, items that are missing parts, or items that need to be plugged in to a socket to use or charge.

Anyone can come and take something away and you don’t have to give to be able to take.

“What better time of the year to organise a toy swap than just before Christmas when many families are sorting through their children’s rooms to make space for Christmas,” said Community Fridge volunteer Elizabeth Griffiths.

“This event gives Pembrokeshire residents a chance to be both planet and people friendly by passing on children’s toys that are no longer wanted or needed – giving items a second life and reducing the need to buy new. We are keen to help people buy less, spend less, use less and throw away less."

As well as the toy swap, there will also be a colouring table for the children, and squash and cakes for sale.