MR Haskell questions my use of the term 'public record' in regard to the power blackout of August 9 (Western Telegraph letters, October 30).

I can only refer him to the National Grid's own reported words.

Simply type in ' The National Grid blames lightning strike for blackout' in the browser on his computer and all will be revealed. I'm sure he can manage that.

I am however not quite sure whether he is endorsing Bellamy's view of the Teletubbies in respect of wind turbines (subliminal pro-wind propaganda).

Could he make a clear statement one way or the other? Or is he ashamed? And does he endorse Bellamy's view on man-made climate change (that it's not happening)? Straight answers please.

I was also clearly under the impression that the RSPB employed experts who analysed data to ascertain what was best for the bird population. It appears I was wrong again. I should obviously have been looking at some obscure website to get the true answer.

I think Mr Haskell's fundamental position is that in relation to all matters regarding power generation and manmade climate change things should be as he wants them to be, not as they actually are.