SEA Trust is looking at introducing a pass system to use its Terracycling bin in Goodwick's Ocean Lab, saying the scheme has been abused since the introduction of Pembrokeshire's new recycling system.

The organisation has been hosting a red Teracycling bin for Pembrokeshire Care, Share, and Give, for the past few months as part of the Ocean Guardians project.

The Terracycling scheme can only accept certain types of recycling. This is then sent off by Pembrokeshire Care, Share, and Give to various companies in exchange for cash. The money is donated to various local charities.

"The scheme is quite complex as to what we can accept and cannot, but it was working pretty well until the PCC started their new refuse and recycling scheme," said Sea Trust's Cliff Benson.

"Unfortunately since then, we are getting entire bags from people that has just had to be sent to landfill due to contamination from dirty pet food pouches and stuff that is wet from being stored outside.

"Most people using the red bin are brilliant. It's just when people give us wet bags or things that are not properly cleaned.

"We can't take wet bags or bags that have dirty pet food pouches mixed in, as its contaminated at this point and can't be recycled. It has got be be clean and sorted into bags for each category.

"It's hard not to come to the conclusion that some people just don't read the list and or, just do not care, and think they can just dump on us."

Cliff said that some Sea Trust volunteers and staff had even been subjected to verbal abuse when they had refused to take certain rubbish.

Instead of abandoning the red bin, Sea Trust hopes to work with the town's community fridge, which also has a red bin, to set up a registration system in the new year. Until then they will still accept recycling that is clean and has been sorted in the Ocean Lab's red bin.

The Pembrokeshire Care Share and Give scheme accepts crisp packets, biscuit wrappers, sweet wrappers, trigger heads, surface wipe packets, air freshener and washing conditioner tops, baby food and yoghurt pouches (washed & dried), Tassimo coffee pods, bread bags, washed and dry pet food pouches, pringle tubs, oral care products (brushes, toothpaste, floss packaging), disposable gloves, coffee packets, Garnier cosmetics packaging (moisturiser etc.).