CHRISTMAS is a time for giving, when often thoughts turn to donating to charity, so can I ask through your newspaper that people keep Hedgerly Hogshospital in Abercych in mind.

This tiny rescue is overflowing with hedgehogs at this time of year and need your help.

Hedgehogs are a declining species, they face threats from all around - cars, dogs, strimmers, weather and disease all seem to conspire against them. Natasha and her team of helpers rely almost completely on donations of either food or money to keep the hoghospital running but at this time of year its a tough job.

So if you could find it in your hearts to support these amazing, charming, prickly little creatures and help them to survive this winter so they can be returned to the wild, you will have done your part in helping to keep the hedgehog off the endangered species list and to flourish in our countryside.

For details of how you can help visit their Facebook page or website at


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