OH dear, oh dear Mr Haskell is upset again. He seems to think he can be rude and insulting to others without replies in kind - people in glass houses? Grow up Dave.

He tries to show how much he knows about climate change, but once again he displays his ignorance. In his attempt to show us what he knows, he strangely omits the most important driver of global heating - the greenhouse gases that we put up into the atmosphere.

This is not just my view. It is the opinion of 97 per cent of the world's climate scientists. But they are all wrong. Only Dave is right. The only soldier in step in the passing out parade. He continues to be a laughing stock.

I would respectfully refer him to James Hansen's book 'Storms of my Grandchildren'. He will learn about the real climate forcing mechanisms (imposed perturbations of the planet's energy balance). He will also learn how different climate forcing agents compare in driving climate change and will see that human-induced forcings are currently far more significant than those of the natural world.

With atmospheric CO2 now exceeding 400ppm and global heating also clearly evident, he should abandon the propaganda of the fossil fuel lobby and the odd obscure website and accept that the natural mechanisms that he cites, cloud formation and cosmic rays, Milankovitch cycles, the Dansgaard-Oeschger cycle (but the total heat in the global system remains intact!), solar radiation, sunspot cycles, volcanism, El Nino, La Nina, are totally inadequate to explain the current climate crisis.

To put it very simply Dave, the sun provides the warmth our planet needs. Much of what it receives radiates back into space, thus preventing overheating.

However, greenhouse gasses act as a big feather duvet holding in more of this heat, hence causing the crisis we are facing. We need to decarbonise our economy, and this means fossil fuels amongst other things will have to go.

It is true that interconnectors are expensive to build.

However, can we afford them is the wrong question to ask.

The right question is can we afford not to.

Read the projected economic impact detailed in the Stern Report, Dave (Noah?) and wake up to the challenges our planet faces.