CRIME in Pembroke and the surrounding area dropped dramatically month-on-month, but rose in Pembroke Dock, the latest figures from Dyfed-Powys Police reveal.

Overall, the Pembroke area saw 37 incidents reported in December, down from 67 in November, the same as October, up from 60 in September, while Pembroke Dock rose from 115 to 138, with 88 crimes reported bin October, and 111 in September.

Pembroke saw a huge drop in reports of anti-social behaviour, from 18 to eight; Pembroke Dock saw 35 incidents, up from 29.

For December, the Pembroke area saw one burglary; five criminal damage and arson, down from nine; two drugs; two other theft; two public order, down from five; one shoplifting; one vehicle crime, down from two; one shoplifting; while violence and sexual offences dropped from 28 to 13.

Pembroke Dock saw one burglary; 18 criminal damage and arson, up from 13; drugs dropped from three to two; other crime stayed on two; other theft rose from four to 11; possession of weapons rose from zero to two; public order rose from six to nine; shoplifting rose from 11 to 12; theft from the person stayed at zero; vehicle crime dropped from two to zero; while violence and sexual offences dropped from 45 to 44.

The trend over 2019, based on the latest figures, shows Pembroke Dock crime figures at 157 in January, 82 in February, 119 in March, 114 in April, 128 in May, 107 in June, 133 in July, 99 in August and 111 in September.

Pembroke and the surrounding area saw recorded figures of 71 in January, 53 in February, 81 in March, 73 in April, 94 in May, 80 in June 64, in July, 86 in August, and 60 in September.

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