AN APPEAL is being made to trace the ‘cowardly dog owner’ who failed to report an attack on a flock of pregnant ewes this week.

The incident in the Canaston Woods area took place yesterday (Thursday) and has resulted in the death from shock of a sheep who was subsequently attacked by crows.

The owner of the 59-strong flock, Shan Pace, is now worried for the welfare of her ‘lovely girls’, who she fears could spontaneously abort their unborn lambs after their traumatic experience.

Shan and her partner Derek Bodfish farm at Pontshaen, north of Narberth but rent land off Valley Road at the Canaston Woods end of Narberth.

She went to check on the flock at around 3pm yesterday, but could only see about 20 sheep in the field, which is next to a footpath and bridleway.

Shan told the Western Telegraph:“It was evident that there had been something in there chasing them – there was wool everywhere and I found six of the ewes hiding in a ditch, while the others had jumped a fence into the next field.

“There were huge skid marks in the field which could only have come from a big dog.

“We accounted for every one, but this morning we found that one ewe, possibly carrying twins, was dead and crows had started to peck at her. We are just praying that none of the others abort.

“They are bleating and very jumpy today, and not happy at all.”

The flock, who are due to lamb anytime from February 14, are Shan and Derek’s hobby. “We keep sheep because we love them, and some of them even have names,” she said. “We can recognise each one by their faces, and a number are really friendly."

In a message on the Dog Friendly Pembrokeshire Facebook page, Shan said: “So to the cowardly dog walker, I hope you are proud of your pet and proud of yourself for not reporting it! Even though we have signs on the footpath and gateway.

“These are our lovely girls, how would you like to find your dog lying dead in a field with crows pecking away at it.

“When will you ever learn to keep your dogs on leads?”.

Shan has now put cameras up in the area and will be moving the flock to a safer place away from a footpath, as well as reporting the incident to police and SheepWatch.