IT was depressing to read Katy Jenkins’ report on the meeting of the social and learning overview and scrutiny committee [Western Telegraph, January 29].

Clearly, some of our secondary schools are failing their pupils.

It seems, if my information is correct, that in some schools a growing number of pupils are out of control and wander aimlessly throughout the buildings adversely affecting the education of those who want to learn but the Director of Education can only comment that the disruptees are “entitled to an education”.

How can they be educated when they choose to be disruptive, are abusive to staff and prefer to be anti-education and anti-school?

It seems the deputy chief officer knows how to improve standards but if that is so why hasn’t it been introduced already?

County Councillor Pat Davies is right when she expresses her concern. Let us hope other county councillors will give her their support before it is too late.

Surely it is time for a root and branch examination of the education department along with senior school staff, governors and responsible county councillors since it was their responsibility to ensure our schools are run for the benefit of those who want to learn as they plan for their futures.


Milford Haven