Welsh Government support for a new station in St Clears is 'not in doubt', says Assembly Member Eluned Morgan.

But the long hoped-for re-opening of the facility is ultimately up to the UK Government to determine.

luned’s comments come ahead of a public meeting to discuss the idea tomorrow (Thursday), which is part of a long running campaign backed by St Clears Town Council.

So far, hundreds of people have added their names to a petition which calls on the Welsh Government to lobby Network Rail to ensure this station is included in future plans.

Eluned Morgan has said that even before the petition, the Welsh Labour Government had put forward a Stage Two feasibility study in support of the reopening, but still no decision has been taken by Westminster.

The original St. Clears Railway Station stood adjacent to the site of the current Co-Op store and closed in 1964, operating for 110 years on what was known as the South Wales Railway.

The new station, if approved, could serve a population of almost 100,000 according to a study undertaken by the University of Southampton, funded by Welsh Government.

Mrs Morgan said: “There is a huge amount of interest in St. Clears Railway Station being reopened, and I am delighted to support this campaign.

"There has already been a significant investment in improving railway stations and rolling stock across Wales and locally by the Welsh Government. But responsibility for new stations and the network infrastructure sits with the UK Government.

"We already know that Wales misses out on far too much public investment in our rail network so I’m calling on the local MP to do his bit to make sure residents get some good news and the green light for a station they deserve. It cannot be said that the support of the Welsh Government is in doubt on this project.

Labour Transport Minister Ken Skates AM said:

“The Welsh Labour Government has worked hard over the last couple of years to make the case for re-opening St Clears station. We’ve supported the assessment work and done all we can to explore the positive reasons why the station should be re-opened. We will keep making the argument for St Clears and keep working with the community to put the strongest possible case possible to the UK Government for re-opening this important station.”