A PEMBROKE Dock woman, who flew back from Spain late last week after experiencing lockdown in the second-worst affected country in Europe, has called on people to support local community groups.

Speaking on March 15 from Nerja, Spain, Hellana Hetfield said: “Police and army are patrolling towns and telling people to self-isolate; it’s a bit mad, there’s literally no-one around, it’s super quiet. My friend leaves at 5am back to Bristol, I’m then stuck here on my own until Thursday evening, so I’m praying my flight will still go ahead, but most airlines are cancelling flights.”

Hellana took the fraught flight back to the UK from Malaga on Thursday evening, March 19, arriving back in Pembroke Dock in the early hours of Friday, March 20.

She has now entered into self-isolation until April 3, and is praising the importance of local groups such as Pembrokeshire next door, which has been linking people needing support with those that can provide it.

“Just wanted to say this group is amazing and a total lifeline for people in my situation,” said Hellana. “Got back from lockdown in Spain on a rescue flight late last night got back into Wales early hours of this morning, desperately needed gas as I have been told to self-isolate, Lindsay O'sullivan [Pembrokeshire next door’s organiser] matched me with a lovely lady who came straight away and went and got it for me.

“Thank you Lindsay and Dawn, it’s very much appreciated x.”

Hellana added: “The situation with the virus is gonna get a lot worse before it gets better, so the more people that know about Pembrokeshire nextdoor group the better, as it’ll be needed more and more as time goes on; it’s a very professional service with safety a priority at all times.”