TWO north Pembrokeshire teenagers stranded in Peru during the coronavirus pandemic were due to arrive home this morning (Tuesday).

Oran Fudge and fellow 19-year-old Tom Renny were trapped in the city of Cuzco by border closures and flight cancellations.
The chances of getting home looked slim for the youngsters, two of many Pembrokeshire people trapped abroad by the ongoing crisis.
An impassioned plea was launched by Oran’s dad Tim, among others, for the boys to be flown back.
Tim, from Maenclochog, called for emergency flights for Oran and Tom, from Moylgrove, along with other people trapped there, including veteran Welsh language campaigner Ffred Fransis, who safely arrived home in Ceredigion on Monday, March 30.
He even made a personal plea to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Speaking late on Monday night, Tim said the boys were scheduled to land at Gatwick at 9am on Tuesday morning.
He was leaving Pembrokeshire at 3am that morning, ready to welcome them home.
That anxiously awaited flight was delayed to 11.15am, testing already frayed nerves.
As the countdown to being reunited with the boys drew near, Tim told the Western Telegraph: “Hugely relieved to have them home, the flights are delayed for a for a couple of hours ‘til half 11 or so.
“Really hope that those still stranded in quarantine won’t be forgotten and can also be brought home in a few weeks, not to mention all those in many other places.
“Many thanks to the dedicated civil servants who have been working so hard behind the scenes. As for government ministers, I believe the quote is: ‘…they do the right thing in the end, after exhausting every other option’.”

Tim previously said: “We hope to enlist your support to put pressure on the UK Government and Foreign Office to urgently organise repatriation flights to bring our highly vulnerable family members and fellow citizens home. 
“We believe there is only a very narrow window of opportunity to get this done before the situation deteriorates too far.
“Our Government has currently devolved its responsibility and primary duty of care to its citizens to the commercial airlines who have largely ceased to function and have no power or ability whatsoever to organise this task.
“Our boys, along with a significant number of other British and Irish citizens are trapped in a variety of temporary accommodation, largely hostels, across the city of Cuzco, with no support networks to keep them supplied with food and water. 
“The Peruvian Army is on the streets outside their accommodation with heavy weaponry. The city is in the Andes at an altitude of 11,150 feet and therefore some of those trapped are experiencing breathing difficulties and health problems, purely from remaining in the very thin air for far longer than was their medical advice to do so.”
Tim even launched a personal plea to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, saying: “Our Prime Minister is constantly flattering himself as ‘Churchillian,’ well this is your Dunkirk Boris! in your own words ‘get it fu....g done’ and bring our people home.”
Their plea, and prayers, and those of many other UK people trapped in Peru, were taken up, with repatriation flights arranged by the Foreign Office in partnership with British Airways due to land in Gatwick as the Western Telegraph went to press.
A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We recognise British tourists abroad are finding it difficult to return to the UK because of the unprecedented international travel and domestic restrictions that are being introduced around the world – often with very little or no notice.
“The FCO is working around the clock to support British travellers in this situation to allow them to come back to the UK.”
Speaking late on Monday night, Tim, said the boys were scheduled to land at Gatwick at 9am on Tuesday morning, leaving Pembrokeshire at 3am that morning, ready to welcome them home.
As the Telegraph went to press, that anxiously awaited flight was delayed to 11.15am, testing already frayed nerves.
The boys messaged loved ones in the early hours before their long flight home to safety.
There are currently many other Pembrokeshire people trapped abroad; in Australia, the Philippines, and Goa, amongst other places.

Preseli Pembrokeshire MP Stephen Crabb said: "I’m delighted that Oran and Tom are back in the UK. This has been a tough time for them and their families and since they were first stranded my office and I have worked hard to help bring them home. I am very pleased that the repatriation plan was executed smoothly. As the whole world has ground to a halt over the last two weeks, the task of organising the repatriation became ever more complicated.

“I am pleased to have played a part in helping reunite Oran and Tom with their families.  We are still assisting numerous Pembrokeshire people stranded in different locations around the world and will continue to press the Foreign Office for a repatriation plan for these cases too.”