CONCERNS that Tenby may still have an influx of Easter visitors, despite 'stay home' warnings, has led the town council to voice the community's fears to police and council chiefs.

In the letter to Pembrokeshire County Council's leader and chief executive; the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Chief Constable, the town council has said it is 'quite extraordinary' that people are ignoring the guidance issued during the coronavirus outbreak.

The council has also taken to social media to issue a strong statement to potential visitors.

In the letter, the town council said: "Tenby Town Council recognise that this is a difficult time and we would like to applaud all the work that you and your colleagues are doing to keep us safe at this time.

"We do want to pass on some local concerns. There are worries in the local Community that, in some cases, the Government and Public Service advice is not being fully adhered to. This is a particular concern with one of the traditional holiday periods approaching. There are reports of people travelling to second homes, holiday lets and caravan sites. We find it extraordinary that anyone would want to flout the guidance at this time.

"We have seen our fabulous businesses temporarily closed, our jobs temporarily furloughed and our whole economy placed on hold. The longer people stay at home, the sooner this will be over and we can get back to welcoming people to our beautiful Town, County and Country.

"We as a Town Council give our full support to every measure that you take to ensure the government guidance is adhered to and enforced. Further, we thank you for all you are doing to ensure that people are supported, stay home and stay safe."

The message on the town council's Facebook page states: "We fully understand why people would like to come to Tenby - Why wouldn't you want to come here?

"But now is not the time.

"The guidance is clear "Stay Home".

"If you love Tenby, you will "Stay home"

"If you love Tenby, you will not let your property at this time other than to essential workers who are keeping our health and care service functioning.

"If you love Tenby, you will understand that we are saying this now and we will give you a huge Tenby welcome in the future.

"Thank you for listening

"Stay Home

"Stay Safe.

And that way we will hopefully all be here to enjoy Tenby when this is all over."