THE closure of Withybush Woods this week now means that residents of the immediate area are forced to walk on pavements, or worse still on the road.

The apparent reason for this latest closure is at the request of the police, who have attended the woods on two occasions to find the public not conforming to the guidance for personal distancing as set out by the government. Is this all it takes for the public to be further deprived??

The Withybush Showground closed to the public a couple of weeks ago, as did Scolton Park and woodland.

In my experience traffic still flows regularly during the daytime not making walking on the road an attractive option. – yes, even where there are pavements they are rarely of a width to allow conformity with guidance laid down and walking on the road to pass others is the only ‘safe’ option to ensure conformity!

People need exercise as do many pets, but where to go now in safety has become more of a problem.

All the above venues are owned by the county council to whom we all pay council tax. But they close off all recreational spaces which is to the detriment of what generally is a very responsible public.



Editor's note: A spokesman for the county council has said only the car park is closed.