I WRITE to express my frustration and annoyance at the crazy regulations concerning second home owners.

Provided they can avoid any roadblocks and arrive at their second home, they cannot be returned to their main home, they are allowed to go shopping and go out for exercise so long as they observe the social distancing rules.

This has happened in my community where an inconsiderate second home owner has travelled from England and is now wandering about the community as if he owns the place.

I live in is a small hamlet with several vulnerable residents, the community has come together, and residents have been helping each other.

We then get this idiot come down on the pretext that he has maintenance work to do, despite the fact it is illegal to drive from England into Wales.

The fines for breaking the lockdown regulations should be increased and people should be fined at least £1,000 and the law should be such that they can be sent back to their main address.