IN December 2019, PM Boris Johnson invited the media into the Cabinet Room at 10 Downing Street to introduce what he called his People's Cabinet for his People's Government.

It included the MP for Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshire, Simon Hart.

However, it took the remarkable campaign by England footballer, Marcus Rashford to get the PM to reverse a decision he made 24 hours earlier, that he would not cave into the demands to ensure 1.3m children will get free school vouchers during the 6 week school holiday period.

Those children will now benefit from vouchers worth £15 a week.

Much is made of the salaries that Premier League footballers earn, but Marcus Rashford at 22 years of age himself benefitted from free school meals and relying on food banks when he was a child and he used that to put pressure on all 650 MPs.

Wales already has it's own scheme so this will not affect us, but it certainly shows that it needs a high profile campaign from a Manchester United and England footballer to make the PM listen.

The fact he heads what he calls a People's Government is now seen in its true (tarnished) colours.

My concern is that there are too many vulnerable children falling through the cracks and the PM has had to be forced to rediscover his conscience.

Are they a People's Government? You decide.


Chair - Pembrokeshire Liberal Democrats,